The LA(H)B Laboratorio Arquitectura Hospitalaria Barcelona (Barcelona Healthcare Architecture Laboratory) is a platform for researching, developing and applying new concepts in the field of healthcare architecture.


In recent years, the understanding of medicine as limited to the treatment of illness has been replaced by an increasing focus on working towards its prevention. This new way of thinking renders hospitals of the 19th and 20th centuries obsolete, both in terms of concept and the way they function. There is growing interest in exploring ways of providing medical care within a system concerned with keeping people in good health and improving that health based on the premise that the physical environment in which we live is fundamental to our wellbeing.


The design of hospitals and healthcare centers is an essential element in finding new responses to this problem. Envisaging and constructing healthy communities and cities must be the basis for these responses, and healthcare architecture goes hand in hand with this endeavor.

Consequently, hospitals are not only buildings in which to practice medicine they are also works of architecture that are integral parts of the city itself.


The LA(H)B is an academic and professional space for investigating new answers to the architectural requirements of contemporary and future hospitals. At the same time, it is a place in which to develop ideas about a networked healthcare strategy, which is made up of both general and specialist hospitals as well as healthcare centers of varying complexity, all integrated into an interrelated system.


Like medicine, (architecture) must move from the curative to the preventive.
— Cedric Price