Students talked to us about their experiences and their motivations for studying hospital architecture at the LA(H)B.

Yenny Aedo, from Cusco, Peru, tells us about how hospital spaces can be designed to “help people recover”.

María Tapias, from San Cristóbal, Táchira, Venezuela, explains that hospital architecture contributes to “humanizing the city”.

Eduarda Lima, from Brasilia, talks to us about the “social commitment” of architects who design healthcare spaces.

Mauro Forchino, from Barcelona, explains how architectural design has to respond to “healthcare technology that is constantly evolving”.

Carina Moreira, from Salta, Argentina, speaks about the importance of human values to achieve “higher-quality spaces” for patients.

Agustín Monzón, from Corrientes, Argentina, notes how Latin America has a pressing need for more hospitals to respond to healthcare demands.