The classes are taught by specialized course instructors with the objective of developing the theoretical and technical background that facilitates understanding of the diverse aspects involved in healthcare design.



  • Engage in the process of designing a hospital taking into account both theoretical and practical aspects of the design.
  • Consider the general conditions and requirements relating to the physical structure of a hospital incorporating essential knowledge of the complex and exacting installations involved in designing a hospital.
  • Investigate new architectural programs in response to the new requirements of healthcare research.
  • Study in depth new issues and challenges that healthcare architecture pose in relation to the four research issues proposed by the academic direction:         

-Research about new models of hospitals dedicated exclusively to a specific type of healthcare service.

-Investigation regarding hospital care areas (surgical units, external consulting units, etc.) in relation to emerging technologies.

-Research about non-hospital care areas (highly specialized health centers, residences for the elderly, etc.).

- Study of innovative construction systems.