The multidisciplinary academic program provides specialized training in hospital design as well as in research methodology focused on the new challenges and demands of the medical industry with respect to healthcare buildings for now and in the future.

The program is organized in different modalities. Once the students have completed the first part they can enroll in the second part of any future edition of the program.


The first part of the program is the postgraduate course Hospital Architecture for the 21st Century that will take place from September 2 to October 31, 2019 in which the students design a hospital of medium complexity of 20,000 m², while at the same time engaging in theoretical and technical classes along with visits to landmark hospitals and healthcare centers in Catalunya.

In order to obtain the master’s degree, it is necessary to complete the second part, which is the postgraduate course Investigation and Innovation in Healthcare Architecture from November 4 to December 20, 2019. This course will be focused on research into innovative solutions to new functional programs and new responses to the challenges of the fast changing healthcare industry now and in the future. Issues such as new typologies, sustainability, energy efficiency and adaptation to new technologies will be explored.

Once both parts of the program have been completed in person in Barcelona, each student will develop a thesis whose subject has been proposed by the professors of the master’s degree or a subject presented by the student and approved by the academic direction. 

The thesis will be supervised by the professors in person or online. The final submission of the thesis is July 2020 and will be presented in September 2020. The presentation of the thesis may be realized in person in Barcelona or via video conference.